08 Jun 2021

How To Make An Easy Paper Kite For Kids

Make these adorable mini paper kites quick and easy enough for your youngest crafters. Depending on age, the kids can make these kites as simple or as fancy as they'd like. Get ready for a fun and easy boredom buster!

These instructions will show you how to make a simple, easy-to-make, easy-to-fly, paper kite that is great for kids.

Materials You Will Need:

•Coordinating craft paper (any 8.5 x 11" paper will work)
•Paper straws (2 per kite)
•String or twine for the kite string (at least 40-50 cm long)
•Light-weight string, twine, or decorative ribbon for the tail of kite (at least 20" long)
•Decorative ribbon scraps
•Glue StickGlitter glue for decorating(optional)

Follow these instructions:

1. Take a single sheet of lightweight paper (construction paper is great!) and fold it in half so that shorter ends are together.

2. Fold the top layers towards the right and left so that the crease marks are at an angle. Exact dimensions are not important, try to leave 2.5 cm at the top and 5 cm at the bottom. This will give you your basic kite shape.

3. Place a long strip of tape down the middle of the kite, connecting the two front flaps.

4. Place a stabilizer across the top of the kite and tape it down corner to corner. You can use a small wooden skewer with the pointed ends cut off, a straw, or even an un-bent pipe cleaner.

5. Turn the kite over and punch a hole in the middle flap, right at the front of the kite. Tie a long string (yarn, twine, etc.) through the hole.

6. Turn the kite over and attach streamers to the back end. You can use lightweight ribbons, paper streamers, etc. A tail that is 150 cm long flies very well; however, for young children, you might want to trim it to 60-70 cm in length.

It's time to go outside on a breezy day and take your kite for its first flight!

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