23 Apr 2021

How To Make An Easy, Colourful Memory Book With Kids

Do you have thousands of family photos sitting on your phone or laptop with very few printed copies to show for it? Then try out this cute and easy colour blocked memory book. 


Coloured paper (make sure you get as many colours as possible)

Child safe scissors





Paper clips

Stapler & staples

Hole punch

Embroidery needle

Colourful wool


  1. Cut interior paper to the size you want
  2. Cut the cover to the same size as the interior paper
  3. Next cut the binding paper. Cut the binding to the same height as interior paper and cover just half the width
  4. Prepare the binding paper: Fold the binding paper in half vertically, then fold the edges in 1/2″ on each side
  5. Stack the coloured cover on either side of the interior paper, with the binding sandwiching the cover and the interior paper.
  6. Secure with a paper clip to prevent shifting.
  7. Attach the binding using a stapler. Staple in the middle first, and then work your way out with additional staples. 
  8. Remove paper clips. Ta-da! You’re done. Now it’s time to fill it with all your special memories.
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