20 Apr 2021

Easy DIY Projects To Transform Your Bathroom

You don’t have to completely overhaul your bathroom to make a big impact. This list has everything you need to give your bathroom an upgrade. 

Mason Jar Storage

Canning jars add a rustic touch wherever you use them. They can be used for storage with or without lids or as vases. You can leave them clear, paint them in pastels or any other colour. 

Hanging Flower Pot Wall Art

This adds sophistication to the idea of attaching canning jars to a board to hold small items or floral displays. To keep it farmhouse rustic, copper cups were used along with a coloured cord, Copper provides warmth and brings to mind copper pots and tea kettles. This easy and decorative DIY idea organises brushes and small make-up items.

DIY Ombre and Glitter Shower Curtains

Stencils and paint can help you turn an inexpensive, plain shower curtain into a more unique and expensive looking shower curtain

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