29 Apr 2021

A Recipe For Kitchen Tidiness

Is your kitchen always a mess when you step inside? No one likes cleaning up a huge mess so keep things minimally messy with these tips. 

Clean as you go

This is fundamental to maintaining a clean kitchen. It means that you’re cleaning up as you’re cooking or using the kitchen. 

Never set dirty utensils on the counter

Don’t create unnecessary messes! Grab a small dish to set down your spoon or serving fork your use to dish out the leftovers your microwaving. 

Do a nightly counter sweep

Paper and other clutter tends to collect on kitchen counters. Make sure this doesn’t happen by clearing off your counters and putting things where they belong every night as part of your nighttime routine. 

Wash these three tools immediately after using them.

Don’t let cheese graters, strainers or chef’s knives sit before being cleaned. 

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