09 May 2019

Winter is Coming… Get Ready with these Tips

You can feel it, right? That chill in the air? The cold mornings and evenings? The crunch of the last leaves under your feet? Autumn is well on its way out – and Winter is certainly coming. Here’s how to make sure you’re prepared and ready to attack the cold like it’s the battle of Winterfell.

Pack up the Summer clothes:

The best way to keep your cupboards neat and tidy is to make sure they’re season ready. Pack away your summer dresses, flip-flops and bikinis – and make room for the chunky knits and boots you’ve been hiding. Remember, when storing clothes, it helps to fold them and store them in sealed, air-tight, stackable containers that you can label. Store them on the top of your cupboard until December.

Prep an emergency car bag:

Not to spark panic in your hearts, but Winter weather can be temperamental. One minute you’re going on a road trip, the next you could be broken down in a windy, cold, rain storm. So, make sure you have an emergency box packed in your car. Fill it with a charged battery bank, blankets, a first-aid kit, snacks and water.

Be energy conscious:

We know, it’s cold, and you want to crank up the heaters. But remember, we’re energy scarce in South Africa – so be conscious of that. Instead, invest in warm blankets, hot water bottles and gas heaters, to help us save electricity.

Get a flu shot:

Spending Winter sick in bed only makes it worse. Set up a time to get a flu vaccination, which will protect you against the more dangerous strains of the illness (and ensure if you do get sick, you can fight it off quickly). Most pharmacies, clinics and doctors offer flu shots – so ask yours.

Get some inside games:

In Summer, you can shove the kids outside to kick a soccer ball around or run in the garden. In Winter, it’s all “I’m bored” indoors. Make sure you’ve stocked up on arts and crafts: paint, glitter, paper, science experiments and fun movies that will keep the little ones busy when it’s too cold to leave the lounge.

Protect your patio furniture properly:

Patio furniture needs extra protection in cold, wet months. Properly cleaning it, and storing away your pillows, throws and chairs, will help prevent mould and rotting issues. If your furniture is wood, never use soap — use water and finish with furniture-grade paste wax.

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