07 Feb 2019

Valentine’s Day Crafts To Do With The Family

We know, Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming. You want to take part (no one likes a Valentine’s Grinch) but you also just need a break from all the cheesy cards, chocolates and pressure to celebrate as a loved-up couple. Instead, remember that a) Valentine’s Day is a supposed to celebrate anyone you love; family, friends and yourself included. And b) you can spend it making and doing anything you like. 

So, ditch the expensive dinners and stay home to make some DIY crafts with the family. PS: they also make pretty great gifts!

Love Slime

Not sure if you’ve heard (or if you’ve been living on Mars) but slime is all the rage right now. If you’re a house that hasn’t yet banned it, make some cute pink love slime! There are countless recipes but our favourite is: 2 teaspoons Borax powder (Clicks), 1 1/2 cups water, 1 bottle of craft glue, 8 drops red food coloring, glitter. Mix it all up and bang! You’re good to go. Then, store the slime in glass containers with airtight lids, and put a cute label on the front.

Marble Vases

This is a great one to make if you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day but with your girls). Get some high-gloss craft paint (white and 3 to 4 colors per vase), glass vases (we love these!) and polystyrene cups. Pour each of the colours into a cup. Turn the glass vase upside down on a flat surface and then, starting with white, pour the colours over the base of the vase, letting it drip down the sides. Let everyone pick a flower to put inside before they leave!

Sweetie Jar

This one’s for the younger / less-crafty family members, because it’s super easy. But, really, what even is Valentine’s Day without sweets? Get a mason jar and fill it to the brim with your favourite sweets (love hearts, jelly beans and other non-melting varieties). Tie it up with a ribbon and a love note and you have a perfect treat. 

Thumbprint Heart Jars

Did you know that you could make a really cute heart using your thumbprint? Two thumbprints together, jointed at the bottom, make a heart – which is pretty much perfect for Valentine’s Day crafts. Paint some mason jars white and then use red and pink paint to make thumbprint hearts. You do one print and get your partner, child or friend to do the other!

Self-care Bath Bomb

Let’s be honest; the most important person to love on Valentine’s Day is yourself. Don’t wait for a gift. Plan a night in, run a hot bath, get the Netflix going and make your own bath bombs. Yes, it’s possible. Follow this easy recipe. They are easy and quick to make, but do require a lot of drying time so make them in advance.

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