13 Jul 2018

Tips to Going Back to School – Without the Stress

When holidays are drawing to a close, there’s one thing on every parent’s mind: the madness of getting ready to go back to school. Back to early morning school runs, back to packed lunches and overflowing backpacks. Back to rushing to get the kids fed before racing out the door and facing traffic. And every parent knows: every minute counts.

The best way to combat the back-to-school craziness? Get yourself well organised before the madness begins. Here are a few handy tips on how to do just that:

Get your supplies early

The early bird gets less stress! Avoid the rush and get all the school supplies you need 4 or 5 days before school starts. This way, you’ll be well prepared (and have a little more time to dash back to the store when one of the kids inevitably remembers something they forgot to buy). 

Make a list - and stick to it

Before hitting the shops to stock up on everything from pencils to lunchboxes, make a list together with your kids. It’ll teach them the value of planning, and you’ll know exactly what you need and where to go. Make sure you group similar products together so you won’t end up rushing back-and-forth in the shops. You'll also save money because there will be no impulse buys. If it’s not on the list, it’s not in the basket. 

Get everyone involved

Plan a special back-to-school breakfast that the kids can help choose and make. This will get them excited for the day and help distract them from any nerves they might have. And who knows, they might even be getting you out of bed to make sure it’s ready in time. While you’re cooking, ask them to help you pack their lunches. They’re more likely to eat a lunch they helped make. Pack it tight in a twin compartment hinged lunch box, great for separating wet and dry food. 

Invest in space savers - now

“We have too much space in this house” - said no parent ever! Storage containers are a parent’s best friend. They can transform the storm of children’s belongings into a neat and manageable system The trick is to get the storage containers sorted – before the mess piles up. Pre-buy containers and add some nicely-decorated labels or pictures to the outside, letting the kids know what to store inside when they get home. We love these colourful home storage boxes.

Calendars to the rescue

A calendar is a great way to visualise a child’s routine and make sure everyone knows what the day holds. Getting the kids involved to help plan and decorate the calendar is a great way for them to take interest in it, so stock up on colourful pens – one colour for each family member – and have a big meeting to fill in the calendar for the week!

File it and find it

Running a home can be a lot like running a business; there’s a lot of admin. From reports, to school statements and everything in between, kids seem to come home with a new document almost every day. Having a filing cabinet is a must have for any organised parent. Invest in sturdy file and document organisers and filing cabinets that are easy to store and clean. 

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