12 Apr 2019

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

These days a kitchen isn’t just a place where we prepare meals and slog over dishes, life is lived in the kitchen. In a practical sense, meals prepared in the kitchen fuel our minds and bodies but more than that they fuel our souls - it’s the centre of the family meeting, the place where we prepare Friday night drinks, our kid’s art museum to name a few. 

We’ve stopped to think about why the kitchen is the heart of the home - here are three reasons why:

Setting the Tone

1. A kitchen will set the tone for the entire house. Chances are when you walk into someones house - you’ll walk through the kitchen or walk past on your way to another room. Your kitchen is often an inspiring space - which often means the difference between having a good day and a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. An organised pantry, a well stocked fridge and decluttered countertops can make the world of difference. 

2. Family Time

Your kitchen provides the perfect space for all sorts of fun family activities. Cook and baking together allows everyone in the family the opportunity to bond, create and discover new treats and talents. Who knows you might be living with the next Gordon Ramsey and not even know it!

3. It’s a Staple

Every home has a kitchen. It’s a basic requirement in any house and much like a bathroom, your kitchen is created with one purpose in mind - keeping you feed and healthy.

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