30 Aug 2019

The Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Storage

Have you ever visited someone else’s house, and been amazed at how neat and organised their kitchen is? Or have you heard all about Marie Kondo, but can’t even begin to understand how it works? Don’t sweat it. There are easy (less intimidating) ways to start your kitchen storage journey. Try these tricks – and you’ll soon be a storage goddess too…

Get started

Before you start organising your kitchen, pull everything out of every cupboard and shelf and drawer. Throw away anything that is broken, old, or you don’t use anymore – unless it can be repurposed into something else. Start with a clean slate!

Ditch the Cupboards

It’s 2019, and cupboards are so last year. The latest trend in kitchen storage is to have basic, open shelving. It instantly adds more space to your kitchen, because you can hang shelving or wooden boxes on the walls – plus it makes it super easy to see what you’re storing. And it will inspire you to keep it tidy. Display your best crockery and glasses and add in a plant for some greenery. 


Use a rail

If you don’t have a lot of wall space, hang a metal rod above the stove or table, and use it to hang up mugs, pots and pans. A great storage solution if you are short on space – and super trendy too. 


Double up your shelf space

Take a look in your cupboards and see if you could possibly split the shelf into two. This is especially great for smaller items like spices and dried herbs. Use a smaller piece of wood or plastic and hang it in the middle of the shelf – or use a small drying rack for extra points. 


Organise your pantry with storage boxes

Instead of chucking all your pantry goodies in there, forsaking them to the back of the cupboard, invest in some great, sealable see-through containers. Label these for what you will keep in them; cereal, rice, pasta, sugar… And refill them. This is a great way to see what you’re really running out of – and it looks a lot better than old boxes and bags. 


Get mason ready

Instead of leaving your utensils to roll around in a drawer (never to be opened again thanks to the pasta ladel) store them in cute mason jars next to the stove. This leaves you with more drawer space and gives the kitchen a rustic feel. 


Look for smaller spaces

No space needs to go unnoticed when organising your kitchen. That small space next to the fridge? Install a vertical sliding cabinet to house spices or cleaning products. The top of your cabinets? Invest in some storage containers to go up there to hold crockery you don’t use as often… everywhere is a storage solution!

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