27 Jun 2019

The Beginner’s Guide to Bathroom Storage

If you’re just starting out on your bathroom organization and storage journey – here are ways to keep it easy, and affordable - but with big impact. 

Hang your shower goodies

Not all showers have built-in shelves. But that doesn’t mean you should leave your shampoo and shower-gel on the floor. Get a hanging organiser with tiered shelves and hang it on your shower tap. It’ll keep things looking neat and prevents mildew build-up on bottles.

Laundry baskets

Before you buy anything else for your bathroom – get yourself a laundry basket. No one likes a pile of clothes in the corner of a bathroom, waiting for their turn in the washing machine. A cute laundry basket with a lid will ensure your dirty laundry is never aired in public.  

Ladder shelves

Shelves are imperative in a bathroom, - but they don’t always have them. If yours doesn’t, invest in some ladder shelves, which you can lean against a wall. They look stylish, and you can use them to store toilet paper, toiletries and towels. If you have smaller items to store, get a few small boxes that will fit on the shelves as well and fill them with your little goodies. 


Basket shelves

Are you starting to see a pattern? That’s because bathroom organisation is ALL about the storage shelves. We love the idea of hanging baskets on the wall to become instant floating shelves. Easy and stylish. 


Full length mirror-cum-storage

If you want your mini bathroom to look maxi spaced-out, add a full length mirror. Extra points if you can add shelving behind it, and put the mirror on hinges, to ask as a closable medicine cabinet. 


Hang products from a curtain rod

Running out of space in your shower? Add a curtain rod in your shower, and use hanging photo clips to hang shampoo, conditioner, and face wash.

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