12 May 2020

Steps to Safely Store your Seasonal Clothes

We’re saying goodbye to summer and that means we have to look for a new home for our summer clothes. Take a look at the best ways to store and protect your clothes for when you’re ready to bring them out again. 

Thoroughly was everything

Make sure that all your clothes are washed and all stains have been removed 

Dry your clothes outside

To reduce dampness make sure that you dry your clothes outside and in direct sunlight. Remember, dampness will lead to mould that and we don’t want that

Use vacuum seal bags

Vacuum seal bags are a great solution when you’re trying to store away a lot of items.

Invest in high quality containers

Unless you’re moving homes, there is no need for your clothes to be trapped in a cardboard box. Get some quality storage containers and pack your clothes in them. Make sure you get your hands on under-bed storage solutions to create more storage space for yourself. 

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