25 Jun 2020

Step by Step guide to organising your Spice Rack

When you buy spices of all brands and sizes it can be difficult to keep the cabinet organised. We’ve all seen beautifully organised drawers filled with spice containers online and we are here to help get you closer to your dreams. 

  1. Assess your inventory. If you’re being honest, you have a lot of spices that you have never used. We’re all guilty of buying ONE spice for that ONE recipe and never using it again so to start you need to do a count of all the spices you have, then ones you’re going to keep and the ones you’re going to toss. Pay attention to expiration dates on the bottle too, you might want to keep something that has long expired. 
  1. Examine your spice containers. Are your current containers working for you? If not, maybe it’s time to invest in some small glass jars. They could be round or square - get something that suits you. 
  1. Clean out your drawer. You’ll be surprised at how dirty your spice drawer so make sure you clean it out with a wet dishcloth. Once your area is dry, line your spice drawer with wrapping paper or a nice cloth. 
  1. Label the jars. Grab a permentant market or an oil-based paint marketer and label all your jars. That way you’re able to create a nice uniform look. When labelling make sure you start with the spices that you use the most. 
  1. Fill up your spice Jars. Create a paper cone to use as a make-shift funnel- this way you’re able to avoid cross-contamination. 
  1. Put your spices back in the drawer. You could choose to sort them alphabetically or my most frequent use up front. The most important this is that you place them in a way that works for you.  
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