17 Jun 2020

Realistic Linen Closet Organisation

If you’re looking to organise your home the linen closet should be one of the spaces that you tackle immediately. Organising your linen closet usually takes less than a day and it’s easier than you think maintaining it going forward.

Take everything out of the closet. This might take a while but you need to know what you’re working with.

Declutter. Separate everything that you plan on storing into different categories. Here are some categories to help you - Sheets, Towels, Medicines, Containers.

Think Storage. Before you pop into one of our stores, consider the type of storage you’ll need to organise each category and shop accordingly. If you need deep buckets for your towels then consider getting clear storage containers. If you want to separate your winter linen from your summer linen, then consider getting multiple shallow containers and store them one on top of the other. 

Arrange according to frequency of use. Make sure that the things that you need the most often are easily accessible. 

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