08 May 2018

Meet the De-Cluttering Method that will Change your Life

In a perfect world, our homes would always be neat and tidy – and everyone would feel calm and organised living in it. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and most of the time we’re just frantically trying to find a lunchbox right before the school run.

All that is about to change. Welcome to the The KonMari Method™, a new approach to de-cluttering that claims you’ll only have to organise your home once – and never again. The method, developed by Marie Kondo, is based on Japanese values, and aims to teach you how organise your belongings, and surround yourself only with items that spark joy. The result isn’t just a tidier, cleaner living space, but an all-round happier life. So, how does it work? Here are some of the top tips to get you started.

Find out what a de-cluttered life would mean

Picture what a life free of clutter would mean to you. But, it’s not just “more space for more things”. Dig deeper. Perhaps it will mean a better social life, as you’d be more likely to invite friends over. Or that less mess will mean freeing up time to do things you love…

Learn to let go

Marie says that belongings should be acknowledged for their service and thanked, before being let go of, if they no longer spark joy. The idea is to be introspective. Look at the things you have, and really consider whether or not you still get joy from them. If not, throw them out.

Stop thinking you’ll need it… someday

Be ruthless about the stuff you decide to keep in your home. Instead of simply convincing yourself you might need it, someday, really think about whether or not that’s true. Most of the time we don’t even notice the things we think we might need so desperately…

Tidy by category, not location

Once you have finished discarding items that no longer bring you joy, it’s time to organise what you have left. Instead of starting, say, in the kitchen, and then moving onto the dining room, pick a category (clothes, photos, documents, etc.) and start there. Similar items are likely scattered throughout the house – and you’ll want to arrange them together.

Allocate a place for everything

After discarding, find a specific home for every single item you keep. This helps to avoid clutter relapse. Stick to simple, clear tools to store items, that are easily accessible again, such as single shoe holders, or clip and file document holders. Steer clear of simply putting items in boxes, and hiding them away until next year. This, after all, is tidying for life – not just for the season.

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