27 Sep 2019

Lazy Cleaning Tips for When you Just Can't Even

We’ve heard that there are some people who love cleaning and to them we say, “congratulations!” If you’re more like us, though, cleaning is not the thing that gets you out of bed on a Sunday morning. The good news is there are ways to make cleaning quicker, easier and less, well, boring. If you’re too lazy to really clean today, here are tricks to help you:

Set a Timer

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would time how long it took you to do something? It was incredibly motivating to see how fast you could do it. That feeling still stands! Instead of spending time procrastinating, set a short timer and set yourself a task to complete within that time. You can do anything for 10 minutes – no matter how lazy you feel! Try: making the beds, putting washing on, vacuuming. 

Use Disposable Wipes

Disposable cleaning wipes are perfect for a quick speed clean; you don’t need to get a bucket or cleaning products out. Just grab a wet wipe and wipe down surfaces (especially great for kitchens and bathrooms). Just make sure to throw them in the bin when you are finished!

Focus on High Traffic Areas

If you’ve only got the time (or motivation) for a tiny amount of cleaning, focus on high traffic areas like entrance halls, living rooms or the study. At least things will look cleaner when you’re there.

Separate Things

Mess can be totally overwhelming when you have to look at it in its entirety. No wonder you don’t want to clean! Start by separating mess into boxes or baskets. Try sort as you go, or simply put any items together. The idea is mostly that you can then tackle a box a night – and not be surrounded by mess in between. 

Ditch the Soap Hate cleaning the bathroom? Use body wash or liquid shower gel, not soap. You won’t get nearly as much soap scum build-up in your bath or shower. 


There are loads of ways to do a bit of cleaning when you’re doing something else. While you're cooking, do some dishes. Wipe down the sink every time you wash your hands. While the kettle boils, pack away some of the dishes. When you’re watching TV, sit down and fold the laundry. It’ll make things go much faster!

Have Less Stuff. 
Look, it’s not rocket science. Just clean out your stuff. The less stuff you have, the less time you will spend cleaning and organising it. Take a weekend to get rid of anything you don’t need anymore, pack them in boxes and store them or give them away. You’ll be amazed at how much more free you will feel!

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