01 Feb 2019

How to Throw the Prettiest Garden Party

In case you hadn’t heard, garden parties are having a real moment again. We think it has something to do with the Royal family – and we’re not complaining. Not to be confused with a braai or pool party, a garden party is a little more elegant. It’s filled with florals and candles and takes place in a luscious outdoor seating area. Think more Little House on the Prairieand less chuck-the-boerie. Here’s how to pull off the prettiest one…

Just add candles:

Candles are a must for a garden party, even though it’s outside and even if it’s during the day. A few well-placed candles in pretty vases next to the floral arrangements in the centre of a table will give your garden party a bit of extra atmosphere. 

Pack a punch:

A garden party just wouldn’t be a garden party without punch in big bowls or glass vases, that your guests can serve out with a ladle. We love this Virgin Sangria from The Food Network: Mix 4 cups of hot hibiscus tea with 1/2 cup sugar and 6 crushed juniper berries, and let cool. Combine in a punch bowl with 4 cups assorted sliced fruit (such as apples, oranges and kiwis) and 2 cups each of orange juice and lemon-lime soda. Serve over ice.

It’s all about the flowers:

Remember that the rule for garden parties is the more flowers the better. Put your arrangements in mason jars, and place them on the tables or hang them around on trees. Even pop a few around the floor. There can never be too many!

Communal tables:

As for seating arrangements, get a long, communal tableand benches. This will let everyone have a place to sit and make sure no one is breaking up into smaller groups. You can put charcuterie boards, fruits, salads and breads in the middle and let everyone help themselves. 

Don’t forget shade:

Let’s be honest, a party outside is going to die down if everyone is too hot. Make sure you scatter umbrellas around for people to use to shade themselves. Or, place pretty sheets and fabrics in the trees to provide a shady covering. 

Use a rug:

We know – a rug? Outside? Crazy. But actually, it’s the perfect way to add a little luxury to your garden party. An outdoor rug will work just fine, but don’t be afraid to use a woven one from inside. You can always wash it afterwards. 

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