03 Jan 2019

How to Pull off the Perfect Picnic

Hands up if you love summer? It’s all flip-flops and swimming pools and eating outdoors… And, as we still have a good few months of warm weather ahead, we thought it would be a good idea to improve our picnic skills and plan some alfresco dining. Here’s how to pull off a perfect picnic:

Make everyone their own lunch

If you really want to impress your picnic friends, make each person their own, personalised lunchbox. We love the idea of labelling a mason jar with their name, and filling it with all their favourite snacks and treats (or, if they’re the healthy kind, a salad made with their favourite ingredients).

Keep dry

Avoid a wet bottom by laying a shower curtain under your blanket on the wet grass – genius! 

Keep it light

Honestly, no one wants to carry a really heavy picnic basket around while you try to find the perfect spot. Opt for paper or plastic cutlery to make sure your bags are easier to carry. 

Stay away from the sugar

Cakes, ice-cream and tarts sound like a great idea for a picnic, but they’re actually terrible in the sun and are magnets for ants and bees. Keep the sugary treats at bay. 

Make Some Fruity Ice

Freeze fruit juice in ice-cube trays, then pop the cubes out into an airtight lunchbox, and use it as an ice-box to keep the food around it cool. When the juice melts, pour it into cups, top it up with sparkling water and make yourself a fizzy fruit drink…

Pack activities

Sure, sitting down and eating is fun – but then what? Pack some board games, balls, magazines and a speaker to make sure you have something to keep you busy when the basket is empty.

Keep the sauce away

No one likes a soggy salad. Keep sauces and dressings separate, in miniature glass containers (we love this pack of six), and only dress the food when you’re ready to eat it. 

Leave the leaves

Green, leafy salads are no good for a hot day outdoors. Instead, stick to chunky, solid crudités like carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers. 

Remember the rubbish bags!

Don’t leave behind all your mess. Make sure you pack rubbish bags to clean up after yourselves when you’re done. 

Ditch the cute blanket

Instead of a picnic blanket which is usually heavy and small, opt for a table cloth. They’re usually more light weight and a lot larger, so you can fit everyone on it. 

Don’t forget the wipes

Yes, picnics are messy, end of story. Make sure you have wet wipes on hands to clean up spills and dirty mouths. 

Tie up the saarmies If you’re making sandwiches, roll them in parchment paper and tie them up with string. This will ensure the filling doesn’t pop out - and keep the bread from going stale…

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