25 Jan 2019

How to Get Organised for a Successful School Year

It’s official; the carefree holiday days are behind us and it’s time to get back to the grind of school runs and book covering (we’re looking at you, sticky plastic). But the start of a new year doesn’t have to translate into worry and stress. Curb the arguing, rushing and panic-buying new pens (even though you’re *sure* you had a box at home somewhere) with these tips to a calm, orderly, running start. Come at us 2019. 

Get the routine down early 

No point in diving head first into extra murals and only then realizing there’s no time for any of them. Start by sitting the whole family down and creating a shared calendar, complete with everyone’s names and activities, that you can stick on the wall and look at every day. Include sports, classes, appointments and even homework, dinner and bath time. It’s not possible to stick to it all the time, but at least it’s a reference point. 

Find a place for the documents – now

Sure, you plan to file all the new-year newsletters and notices in a safe place but then suddenly it’s March and the kitchen drawer is stuffed with paper. Before things get out of hand, get a folder for each child, and write their name on the front. Put them somewhere they can reach and ask them to help you by putting any school letters in their folder. You will check them each night. If they’re too young – it’s up to you to make sure all important notices go inside.

Get the stationary – and label it

By now you’ve likely received a list of all the items you need to buy for your kids to take to school (who knew they used so many tissues, right?). Here’s the problem; even if you buy it now, it will be lost before Easter. Buy the hole punchesstaplersand notebooks– and make sure you write your child’s name on every item. 

Declutter each week

The world isn’t going gaga over Marie Kondo for no reason; decluttering your life makes you calmer, happier and more productive. You have to stay on top of it. Pick a day each week and schedule in an hour of decluttering whatever has built up in the week (papers, dirty clothes, old lunchbox snacks…) Keep what you need in boxes you can labeland get rid of the rest. 

Set up artwork archives

Your kids are probably going to come home with schoolwork and artwork that they want to save. Give each child their own box or art file, and help them label it and decorate it so they know it’s special. You can even label each one by subject! Let them know to put all their schoolworkand artwork in there (and that, if they don’t, it’s being decluttered!)

Get a school cupboard School items can often take over if they don’t have a designated spot. If you have an extra cupboard, try turning it into a school-only space for uniforms, backpacks, extra school supplies, stationary… So, when your child is looking for something – direct them to the school cupboard.

Pack all bags the night before

No-one wants to be running around at 7am, looking for PE kits and art supplies. Make a habit of backing school bags the night before. Check the calendar to see what’s coming up next, and then pack sports kits, instruments, and books the night before. You can even do the packed lunches the night before if the food doesn’t need to be kept cold and is stored in an airtight container. We love this one!

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