05 Jul 2019

How to Elevate your Spice Rack

A well organised, clean spice rack is a thing of beauty. It can really elevate your kitchen from basic to Gordon Ramsey in just a few minutes. The best part is having all of your spices labelled and ready to be used – close to your cooking station. If you want to know how to create the best spice storage, read on:

Invest in a great spice rack

There are all sorts of different spice rack ideas. We love the three-tier spice rack available at Crazy Plastics spice rack, available at a store near you. But there are heaps of ideas, from rustic wire ones to ornate wooden ones. Choose one that fits in with your kitchen décor.


Change the jars

The one thing that makes a spice rack look great is uniformity. You don’t want a bunch of spices that all look different – with different shapes and colours. Instead, invest in a few glass jars and transfer the spices to them. Just make sure you measure them before you buy them to ensure they will fit in the rack!

Label label label!

A good spice rack is all about the labels! Remember, this is your kitchen, so be sure to use permanent marker on paper, and to cover the label in sticky tape so it doesn’t get food / grease stains on it. Or invest in a label making machine to keep labels even more uniform. 


Keep favorites at the front

Do you have a few spices you use all the time? And keep them front and centre so that they’re always readily available. Keep the spices you don’t use as much in the back – but remember to keep checking the use by dates. 

Travel Rack
If you like to cook on the go when traveling, spoon out a portion of your favourite spices into an inexpensive pill box, ready for when you get to your destination!

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