08 May 2018

How to Create an Inspired Kids’ Play Area

How may times a day do you hear the words, “Mom, I’m bored”? We’re guessing it’s edging into double digits – and that’s just before breakfast. If keeping your children entertained is an ongoing struggle in your home, consider creating a dedicated play area, filled with things to inspire and excite them. So, instead of them wondering around the house trying to find something to do, they can head directly to one area – and all their toys and crafts will be ready and waiting for them. Here’s how to create the perfect playroom, or area, in your home:

Get a good table – with extra storage

This is key: the main feature table in a kids’ room, where they can draw, paint and even do school projects, needs to have a lot of storage attached. Think drawers and built-in cupboards. This will help to quickly tidy things away after a game. If it can be on wheels, to move out the way when more room is needed, even better.


Consider all types of play

In an ideal world, you’d have loads of space for playing; one room for art and another room for games… In reality, you’ll need a room that has multiple uses. So, make space for different kinds of playing. You’ll need a table for arts and crafts, lots of floor space for roleplaying games, and a quieter, more secluded reading area. Include fun brightly coloured chairs and tables for each area, like these Jolly Chairs.


Try rugs over carpet

If possible, create your playroom or play area on tiles or wooden flooring. Carpets are magnets for stains! Ideally, use a flooring that is easy to clean and then use rugs to differentiate the different areas or activities within the space.


Keep it easy to clean

The main marker of a good playroom is how easy it is to tidy. Make sure you have lots of room for storage containers, that you can label, and ensure they’re accessible, so the kids to help you clean up! They don’t have to be ugly either; storage boxes can come in a variety of fun colours and patters. Like this Zoo box, or this Arty box.


Create their own gallery wall

Stuck for an idea of what do to with all the artworks your little ones bring home? Create a gallery wall in the play area by framing or hanging up all of their drawings and paintings. When collected together, it’s like their own little museum.


Add a chalkboard wall

Kids like nothing more than to draw on walls. Instead of risking your paint job, use chalkboard paint to create a dedicated drawing area. Then, let them go wild!


Create hiding places 

If you’re not able to dedicate a full room in your house as a play area, consider using teepees or tents to create fun, secluded play spaces in other rooms. No child can resist the idea of their own little fort!


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