29 Mar 2021

Genius Ways To Organise Your Baking Supplies

Baking your favourite batch of cupcakes or cookies can be hard when your things are a cluttered mess. Trust us and take a look at these quick and easy tips that will help you organise your baking supplies. 

Designate a Baking Cabinet

The first step to organising your baking supplies is to gather them all together. Designate one kitchen cabinet (or pantry shelf) as your baking hub and keep everything in that spot. It may be tempting to spread things throughout the kitchen wherever they fit, but having a central baking station will simplify your baking—and cleanup.

Store Sprinkles Like Spices

Anyone who has an entire collection of rainbow-coloured sprinkles is one lucky gal. Use a spice rack and jars to keep them tidy— and let them make a colourful statement in your kitchen. 

Corral Cookie Cutters in a Clear Jar

Instead of hunting through piles of cookie cutters (where'd the angel go?!) you should store your favourites in a transparent container so you can spy your shape before you even dig in.

Stash Cupcake Liners in Mason Jars

Let the cute prints on your favourite mini cake liners shine through the glass of these jars — and never forget what patterns you already own (before you accidentally stock up on more holiday designs again).

Store Bakeware Like Pot Lids

Storing pans and cookie sheets in a vertical organizer makes them easier to grab (no more toppling stacks). And since pot lid holders are designed for kitchen use, they're the obvious pick for this under-cabinet solution.

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