02 Apr 2021

Easter Mason Jar Ideas

It’s time to get crafty this long weekend! Celebrate Easter with these DIY Mason jar crafts that will put a spring in your step. They are all super easy to craft so let’s get going!

Speckled Egg Mason Jar

What You’ll Need

500ml Mason Jar

White Paint

250ml Tjhoko Paint Pebble Shadow

250ml Tjhoko Paint Elias’s Epic

250ml Tjhoko Paint Matt Black



Old Toothbrush


Apply a coat of primer

Paint the jar with “Pebble Shadow”

Mix “Elias’s Epic” with a little bit of “Matt Black” and mix. Dip the paintbrush in and then with fingers, flick the toothbrush bristles next to the jar. That’s how you get the speckles.

Add a drop of glue to the jar’s rim and add twine. Continue wrapping twine around the jar until the rim area is covered.

Fill the jar with flowers and place it as a centerpiece or give it as a gift. 

Easter Treat Gifts

What You’ll Need

Mason jar

Easter candy

Scrapbook paper


Easter scrapbook embellishments



Start by filling your mason jars with the Easter candy.

Use your punch to punch out circles for the jar lids. Separate the lid from the ring and place the punched circle on top of the lid. Screw the ring back in place.

On the smooth side of the mason jar, place the scrapbook embellishment. 

Then tie some twine around the neck of the jar and you are finished!

Super cute and super easy!

Takes two minutes to create!

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