18 May 2020

DIY Tissue Box Monsters



Tissue Box

Coloured Acrylic Paint

White Acrylic Paint

Googly Eyes

White cardboard

Large pom moms

1 Black Market

Possible Sticks 






  • Pull out any plastic inner lining inside the tissue box
  • Paint the outside of the tissue box with white to ‘prime’ the box. 
  • Once the box is dry, paint the box again with any colour you want. Make sure you paint both the inside and the outside
  • Outline the opening of the tissue box with a black market to make the mouth of the monster pop
  • Cut up your popsicle sticks in half and paint them in any colour you want
  • Glue on small googly eyes onto the sticks
  • Get an adult to cut a small slit mark at the top of the box and push the sticks in
  • Add two big googly eyes above the mouth 
  • With the cardboard - cut out two triangles. 
  • Glue the triangles to the inside of the tissue box - now your monster has teeth
  • Add some pom poms to the top of the box


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