15 Aug 2018

Deal Alert: Crazy Plastics’ 100% Price Match Guarantee

In case you thought we weren’t crazy enough for offering you the low prices you’ve come to love, we’re in the mood to be the gift that keeps on giving, by offering you our 100% Price Match Guarantee. Here’s how our best deal yet works:

We’ve selected a wide variety of some of our best products and have slashed their prices even more. We believe these are the lowest prices you’ll find for these products – anywhere! We’re so confident, in fact, that if you can find the exact same product at a lower price somewhere else, we’ll match the lower price at your Crazy Plastics store of choice! Crazy, right?

In the past, our 100% Price Match Guarantee has offered specials such as three 20LT Black Mighty storage boxes for R99.99, five 30LT Black Mighty storage boxes for a ridiculous R199.99, three 85LTs for only R249.99 and three 150LTs for a measly R399.99. 

But our Price Match Guarantee specials aren’t just for storage. We also offer deals on household items like 2ply SnowSoft toilet paper, Dynamic washing powder, dishwashing liquid, ammonia cream, or tile and floor cleaner. Plus we make sure your pets are cosy and well-fed with deals on pet food, dog blankets and chew toys. In case you needed more convincing, some of our best brands are also part of the special. Our Salsa range of products really steal the limelight, with multi-box storage solutions from 1.2L to 110L for less than anywhere else.

With Crazy Plastic stores in Gauteng, the Free State, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, and the Western Cape all offering the 100% Price Match Guarantee special, you can make the most of these mind-blowing specials wherever you are. To stay up to date with the latest 100% Price Match Guarantee special, like us on Facebook or subscribe to our emailing list on www.crazyplastics.co.za.

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