13 Jul 2018

Crazy Pets Opens in Meadowdale

That’s why we’re expanding our Crazy Pets stores – and bringing some pet love to Meadowdale. It’s our way of ensuring your furry and feathered family members get only the best, without you having to break the bank. 

Our Crazy Pet stores are already found in Benoni, Bloemfontein, Wonderboom, and Carnival Mall, and have been offering the lowest prices on products for your pets since they first opened their doors. Now we’re sharing the savings with even more people!

The Meadowdale store, which opened on 28 June, will continue to offer only the finest-quality pet products for dogs, cats, birds, small animals and reptiles, from big-name brands such as Montego, Ideal, Vets Choice, and Jock. Plus we’re keeping the opening celebrations going, by offering massive discounts to you and your pets:

Bird Seed:

Whether you’re hunting for the best value on budgie and wild bird seed, or looking for parrot and fowl food, Crazy Pets Meadowdale is offering knockout specials on 10kg bags from R49.99, to keep every bird’s belly happy. 

Canvas Sleepers:

When it comes to our best friends of the four-legged variety, Crazy Pets Meadowdale is on a mission to keep them not only well-fed, but sleeping happily too. With Canvas sleepers – available in three different colours and dog kennels.

Dog Biscuits:

Treats aren’t just for humans. We’ve got specials on Cutherberts Iced, Milk, Kettle, Dog and Round Biscuits at unbeatable prices.

Hamster bedding:

We’re not only about dogs and cats either. If you’re more of a hamster person, make sure they’re cosy this winter with a 3kgs bags of hamster bedding. 

You can find the newest addition to the Crazy Pets family at Shop 3 Meadowdale Mall, Van Riebeeck Avenue, Meadowdale. See you there!

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