14 May 2020

Cleaning Essentials Everyone Needs

Listen, cleaning is not for everyone. But keeping your home clean is crucial to make sure that germs are kept away so here is our list of essential cleaning supplies that you need to clean your entire home without breaking a sweat. 


Rubber Gloves


Chances are if you’re reading this you might have already started some hectic cleaning missions. That means that you’re putting too many chemicals near you skin. Rubber gloves are a great solution to protect your hands whilst you’re cleaning. 


Cleaning Caddy


A must-have in any home. It will keep all your important cleaning products in one place and the best thing about it is that you’ll be able to move around with it. 




Talk about a time-saver - dusters are perfect to reach places that a cloth can’t reach. Dusters are also great for delicate objects too. 


Multi-purpose Cleaner


The name says it all - get yourself a cleaner that works on a variety of different surfaces. That way you’re able to save money by not purchasing a bunch of different products.


Microfibre cloths


You have to stock up on microfibre cloths. They are extremely effective at picking up dust and other debris. Microfibre clothes are also great for removing marks and built up grime. 


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