05 Jul 2019

4 Winter Must Haves

Winter is in full swing. While the days might be sunny and warm, the temperature drops drastically in the early mornings and nights – and we’re left shivering under blankets or huddled next to heaters. If you want to survive the rest of Winter without going into full hibernation, invest is these four, must-have items:

A gas heater

Between Eskom’s unreliability and the cost of electricity (when it does work) – it’s no wonder most people are opting for gas heaters this winter. They’re more affordable, they’re easy to use and they don’t require any power source, so they can be moved around to where you need them. Great for a winter wine outdoors too! Get yours at a hardware store near you.


A heavy-duty down coat

If you ever leave the house in winter, you’ll notice that all the people who don’t seem to be cold are the ones in the down jackets You know the ones we mean: the zip-up, puffer jackets, mostly in navy, mostly from K-Way. There is a reason everyone has one: they work. If you want to be warm outdoors in winter, this is a must. Camping stores will have stock!


A Showmax / Netflix Subscription

Winter is for staying in, ordering take out and getting into bed early. If you want to make it through, make sure you do it with a TV and movie streaming service like Showmax or Netflix. Binge watch your favourite shows to your heart’s content – and never go outside again. 


Baking goodies

If you’re going to be spending so much time at home, you might as well make the most of it but baking up tasty treats to keep you warm during bulking season. Get cute, pastel baking utensils from your nearest Crazy Plastics, Google a few warm dessert recipes and get going!

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