23 Aug 2019

3 Types of Glasses Every Adult Needs to Own

As a child, you’re happy to drink from sippy cups. As you get older, a boxed juice or can of fizzy drink will do. But, now that you’re an adult in a home of your own, it’s time to expand your crockery selection and drink out of glasses. If you’ve recently moved onto your own place and are wondering what type of glasses you need to be sure you’re always ready to entertain – look no further. We’ve got you!

The Classic Tumbler

Also known as an “old-fashioned”, a good set of short tumbler glasses will always get a lot of use. They’re the go-to for soft drinks and water, but they’re also what you need to use when you serve spirits neat or with ice, and a few types of cocktails. They’re a classic, short glass which looks great on a set table – and never feels over powering. Invest in at least 8. 

Top tip: we like tumblers with a thick, heavy bottom, which tend to fall over and break less often. 


The Wine Goblet

Unless you’re planning on being a true wine expert, don’t worry too much about getting both white wine and red wine glasses. Frankly, it’s a lot to buy – and most of the time people don’t even know which one they should use. Instead, a more modern version is the wine goblet, which is an often-stemless, rounded edge, short glass you can use for both red and white wine. It’s the future of wine glasses and are very on-trend. 


The Highball Glass

Highball glasses are the versatile, every-day, never let you down glasses. The tall, slim glasses you see in restaurants. You can never have enough of these, so get a few more than you think you need. These are perfect for all soft drinks, and will be used for any mixed, long drinks at parties that aren’t shaken, like gin and tonic or vodka sodas. They are generally in the 350ml range, and you will need a fancy stirrer to go with them. 


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