18 Jun 2020

10 Minute Declutter Tips

Decluttering can easily be seen as overwhelming and sometimes frustrating. Most times when you want to start decluttering you’ll immediately want to start in the space that challenges you the most. That’s a sure way to never want to declutter ever again. Instead you should try these easy 10 minute decluttering tasks that will help you make a big difference. The goal is to focus on a few small areas work and declutter that space in under 10 minutes. 

  1. Clear off Kitchen Counters

Cluttered countertops don’t look good and make it very hard to find even the most basic of things. In your 10 minutes, take everything off of the counter that shouldn’t be there, so items that you rarely use or items that you can store somewhere else. 

Clutter-free counter tops will make your kitchen feel bigger and you’ll be able to get more done in your kitchen going forward. 

  1. Take items off dressers and nightstands

What is it about our dressers and nightstands that become the home of the most random things? For this 10 minute task - remove everything sitting on top of the furniture (give it a good dusting whilst you’re there) and put everything inside the dresser or nightstand. 

  1. Do 1 or 2 pantry shelves

It doesn’t matter how big or small your pantry is - the pantry is the most common cause of clutter-anxiety. It doesn’t matter how hard you try it is so common to end up with duplicates or expired produce. For this 10 minute task all you have to do it take everything out and throw away anything that might be expired and donate the items that you know you’re not going to eat.

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